Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Best Fish...

“Some dishes are of such indisputable excellence that their appearance alone is capable of arousing a level-headed man's degustatory powers. All those who, when presented with such a dish, show neither the rush of desire, nor the radiance of ecstasy, may justly be deemed unworthy of the honors of the sitting, and its related delights."Jean-Anthelme Brillat-SavarinMeditation XIII in the 'Physiologie du gout'

We tried this dish while traveling in Malaysia, I must say that the photograph does not do it justice at all. Unfortunately I don’t' have the proper writing skills to describe the amazing smell and taste of it, but I can honestly say that this was the best fish dish (that sounds funny) I have ever eaten. The dish is called Red Snapper with Honey Tamarind sauce, the flesh of the fish is seperated from the skelleton, cut into this strips and deep fried along with the skelleton, when the dish is assembelled, it looks as if it's a whole fish. I tried it at home and it was a success, although to be honest I did not bother with the skelleton bit, I might do it if I invite people over for this meal…

I will be posting the recipe tomorrow.


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