Thursday, October 12, 2006


"Ring, circular band used to decorate ears, toes, noses, or, most often, fingers. The finger ring has traditionally been worn for a number of reasons. It may have a symbolic meaning, as a wedding ring; it may identify the wearer or indicate rank or authority, as a signet ring; it may be thought to have magic powers, as a talismanic ring; or it may be worn merely as an ornament. In ancient Egypt signet rings bearing carved scarabs (beetles) or engraved hieroglyphs developed from seals carried on cords. The Greeks wore gold bands, often with a cameo or other engraving. The ancient Romans regulated the wearing of rings by law. In early Rome, iron rings were worn by all who were freeborn. Under the early empire, high-ranking citizens were permitted to wear gold rings; later on, freeborn citizens wore gold, freed slaves wore silver, and slaves wore iron. Roman matrons wore wedding rings, sometimes with a small key attached, to signify their authority in the household.

The early Christians adopted the use of rings, and during the Middle Ages (5th century to 15th century) it became customary for a bishop to receive a ring as part of the ceremony of consecration. Popes traditionally receive the so-called Fisherman's ring, a signet ring with the name of the pope encircling a representation of Saint Peter in a fishing boat. The pope uses the ring to attest to papal briefs, and it is destroyed when he dies. Since medieval times rings have also been presented to kings at their coronation. During the 16th century the popularity of rings reached its height, and one or more rings, usually set with jewels, were often worn on every finger. Signet rings were also worn.

Engagement rings have been given since ancient times. One set with a diamond became popular in the 15th century. Wedding rings are also an ancient tradition, and the gold band has been popular since the 16th century. In the United States today, a married woman often wears both an engagement ring and a wedding band, and a married man often wears a wedding band."

I've always had a soft spot for rings, I have never ever left the house without a ring on my finger since my early teen years, now of course if I leave without my wedding band I'll have an earfull from hubby :)

I have been messing about with jewelry making, I made a few rings and a couple of necklaces, I'm planning to try and make something similar to the rings below (the ones with stones)

you can find more rings here...


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